10 Interesting Facts on Body Wash You Didn’t Know About

Body washes, bar soaps and body gel. All spell the word clean. We all use one of them at least once a day to enhance the cleanliness of our bodies. However, it never occurs to us that there could be side effect attached to certain cleaning products.

Dr. Erin Gilbert, a dermatologist in New York City, points out that bar soaps take away most oils from our skin. We always come from our bathrooms sparkling clean, but do we know that clean does not necessarily mean healthy? I guess we do not. Your skin needs oil to keep it supple and radiant.

Here are some interesting facts you need to know that will help you make an informed choice on your body cleaning product.

Drying Ingredients

Bar soaps contain drying ingredients that rid your skin of moisture and oil. Probably you did not know this. Now you do. The other probable choice is body wash. You need to check out for a body wash that has essential oils and moisturizers like Jojoba oil, Shea Butter and Almond oil.

Gentleness on the skin

Some bar soaps have the brand name Imprinted on the surface. These writings usually cause an irritating feel on the skin especially when the soap is new. On the other hand, body wash is gentle on the skin. You are free to use a wash cloth or a bathing sponge of your choice.

Anti-bacterial ingredients

Body wash is manufactured with anti-bacterial substances and disinfectants which play a key role in protecting your skin against germs and pathogens.

Suppose, you want to go away for the weekend. You are probably considering packing a bar soap or a body wash. My take is that you go with the body wash. For, one, it is light and two it enables you to take a quick bath for your next destination.

Cost savings

Body wash is generally long lasting than bar soaps. Bar soaps weather away faster and poof! You are back to the store. Body wash usage could be controlled since they come with caps that dispense reasonable amount of body wash.


You are prone to picking germs on the surface of bar soaps compared to body wash cans. This helps you avoid contamination.

Reasonable lather

Bar soaps have more lather which infers usage of more soap products. Body wash offer reasonable lather with added advantages like germ protection.

Spa capabilities

With just 3 cups of sugar, ΒΌ cup of almond, olive or Jojoba oil and a table spoon of body gel, you could have a sugar scrub that would save you a visit to the extremely expensive spa.

Wide choice for usage

Body wash can be used with exfoliating gloves, loofah sponges and bristle brush without much wastage. Such cannot be said of a bar soap.

Body Specific

Just as the name suggests, body wash is entirely restricted to body use. For facial cleaning, you are advised to use recommended products.This will enable you to avoid any possible side effects.

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