Type of Pool Lights For Your Out Door Pool

Your backyard swimming pool is one of the best places to ‘take a dip’ and relax on a hot, Saturday afternoon. But can you enjoy the same luxurious feel even at night? Well, yes, in fact, the fun and excitement shouldn’t be for daytime only. That’s why you need to invest in an attractive and reliable pool lighting systems that will help you to continue swimming even when the sun goes down.

So, with this in mind, here you’ll find some of the most captivating lights. They come with several visual effects plus an additional safety boost. Take a look!

1. The Flush-Mounted LED Underwater Pool Light

The beauty behind using the flush-mounted lights is the fact that they’re fixed inside the pool walls so that they don’t ‘stick out.’ It’s therefore not surprising that these lights are now being used in making modern swimming pools. Besides, they are rapidly replacing the traditional halogen lighting systems.

However, despite such rich benefits, it’s quite unfortunate that the flush-mounted lights are quite expensive to install. This is because fixing lights that are flush with the walls is somewhat challenging unless the initial construction left some space for their installation.

2. Underwater Surface-Mounted LED Lights

Here’s a good option that will light up your swimming pool easily. The underwater surface-mounted LED lights have a simple installation process and can quickly be retrofitted to improve your current pool lights. Unfortunately, because they’re not flush with the swimming pool walls, they tend to stick out a bit. Hence, they easily break especially with kids around as they use them as steps when climbing out of the pool.

3. LED Flood Lights

You can use this type of lighting for close to anything, even brightening up the area around your swimming pool. It lights large areas making it the perfect choice for your outdoor pool. It also conserves a lot of energy as compared to traditional lighting systems.

What’s more, you can buy all that you need to fix this lights at your nearby hardware store at an affordable price. However, you’ll need to hire a professional electrician to carry out the installation. Apart from that, you should also be careful not to destroy the natural ambiance of your swimming pool with too much illumination.

4. Halogen Flood Lights

This type of pool lights have the same advantages as that of LED floodlights. They are not only quick to install, but also quite affordable. In fact, you’ll discover that they are more affordable as compared to the LED lights. Sadly, compared to the LED flood lights, this halogen version is not highly durable. You’ll also have to change their bulbs a couple of time which is not necessary when using the LED lights.


As you can see, these types of lights can illuminate your swimming pool giving it a heavenly feel. Unfortunately, choosing the best is often tricky, So, it’s better to look at the purpose of each, together with their pros and cons, and then make the right decision. You may even opt to mix and match your favorite lights to give your pool and home a functional and divine appearance. Good luck!